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Flat braided adjustable paracord watch strap



Product Description

This flat braided paracord watchband/strap was made with three 36 inch gutted strands of paracord.

One strand is centered and cow hitched around the buckle/pin, and the other two strands centered and put over the pin within the first strand’s cow hitch. There are then 6 strands to do the braiding, using the same method I did with the flat braided paracord belt.

Once I had the length I wanted, I turned the end strands back and tucked them in place, ran a needle and thread through to secure them, and trimmed off the excess.

I used the rubber strap keeper loop from the Swiss Army Renegade watch, that I’ve had for about 17 years, but I’ll probably make a couple of keepers with the paracord to replace the borrowed one.


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