Kotex Natural Balance Maxi

Kotex Natural Balance Maxi

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When an emergency strikes, everything and anything that you have at hand can turn into a useful tool that can be life-saving and can be the determining factor as to whether you will survive or concede to the circumstances. One of the tools that you might have in your hand bag that could come in handy is the Kotex Natural Balance Maxi pads. While you may have carried them typically for that time of the month, they can prove more useful than that and you can be guaranteed that in the event that there is an emergency you are more likely to use them for a variety of other things other than what they are meant for.

When a person suffers a deep wound or cut, you need something clean that can be able to soak up the blood while you’re applying pressure without placing the site of the injury at a risk of infection. Because they are made of cotton and are highly absorbent these pads are great band aids for deep wounds and can be very efficient in handling the situation even on a short call and with limited resources. This is more so considering that these pads have a hint of Aloe Vera which has strong antibiotic qualities.

When you’re on a hiking trail and your shoes are eating at your feet and you need something to boost the comfort and save your feet from the pain of blisters, your answer would be the Kotex Natural Balance Maxi pads. They are made from breathable natural cotton which will not only offer comfort for your feet when used as shoe pads for walk but they also allow enough air in which allows your feet feel dry.

How would you like to catch some fish to save yourself from the jaws of hunger? The only problem is that you might find it a little hard to get the bobber. But if you have your Kotex Natural Balance Maxi pads then you have a fishing bobber right there. All you have to do is make sure you don’t take it out of its packaging and it will float just as a bobber would and you can carry on with your fishing.