Latex Tubing

Latex Tubing

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Latex tubing in is used as a medical supply, exercise resistance bands, survival emergency kits and many other uses. It is available on line for less than a dollar a foot, and can be bought in bulk. The key to any survival kit is to have items that have more than one purpose and/or use. This gives you the ability to carry more supplies, and do more with less.

Latex tubing can be used for wounded campers to lessen blood flow. It is the same basic concept as when the doctor puts the band around injuries to draw blood, only tighter. You restrict the blood supply and by time to either stitch up the wound or get to help.

It can also be used as bait for eels. With a rock for a weight and some wire for a hook you can bait eels and many other fish to make a delicious dinner. It can also be strung through fish gills and used to carry your catch back to your camp site. Then you can use it to hang your leftovers from a tree away from camp. This will make sure no visitors of the fury kind visit your campsite at night.

Latex tubing can secure equipment to cars, carts or anything you use to carry things. Because of the elasticity of the tubing it is both easy to tie any equipment securely and to get lose when you need your equipment. It is vital to have your equipment secured in an emergency situation, because everything has a purpose and nothing is extra. It will also cleanly bring liquids from one place to another. It can be used to build a tent. It can make a sling shot, to catch game. It can make a trap. I can secure any important items high in the trees overnight or if you need to leave them for a while. There are a million and one uses of latex tubing in an emergency situation.