Paracord Bag



A paracord bag is a bug out tool as well as an useful tool for outdoor trips and camping. This is the kind of resource with nearly limitless use. Outdoor enthusiasts, prepers and survivalists are finding paracord one of the indispensable tools that can be used in various situations in survival. Paracord is also known as 550 cord or parachute cord. The cord originates from the WWII era parachute suspension lines. It is made of a woven exterior sheath covering a woven nylon core that makes a lightweight, reliable and strong cord with many practical survival applications. The paracord bag provides proper storage so that your tool is as accessible and compact as possible.

Paracord is well suited for so many purposes because it is small in diameter, yet durable and with a very high breaking strength for its size. These qualities makes it useful for great range of applications such as emergency rope uses, secure things during camping, fastening camouflage netting, or fixing gear to their rigs.

Your bug out bag should certainly include a good length of paracord. When dealing with your cord you need to ensure that it not getting tangled to the point that it is unusable. In order to avoid this you need to practice the proper storage techniques with your paracord bag. You should never store your paracord without being wrapped and coiled first. You can do this by using a jig or just around your arm. This is an important step in proper paracord storage, as it avoids 90 percent of tangles. When you store your paracord in your bug out bag you should always place it inside a smaller container in order to avoid snagging and entangling with other items such as a pry tool or hatchet. Another option is to wrap the paracord around something before storage. If it is wrapped tightly it will not get caught on the other gear stored in your bag.

Besides being used to secure things during camping, your paracord has many emergency rope uses in a survival situation. It can be used for lashing bags to a vehicle, for fixing gear to a bug out bag, for splinting a broken bone, tying a bandage, lowering or raising equipment, building a shelter, building a snare to catch animals, making a fish trap, restraining hostiles, climbing or descending steep inclines, making a hammock, making a string for a fire bow, and many more.


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