Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

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Pure Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has been greatly renowned among mothers and nurses as a baby bum’s best friend. Its moisturizing and smoothing effect on the skin is just a tip of the ice berg of the remarkable and money saving ways Vaseline can be of help to us. Vaseline is a 100% pure petroleum jelly that contains no irritants that can affect the skin which makes it hypo-allergenic. Pure Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is non-comedogenic in that on application, it doesn’t block any skin pores from breathing and other functions.

Vaseline has earned itself a place among the top requirement one needs at home or during a trip because of its handy uses. The jelly is responsible for treating dry skin. For parents with kids who enjoy playing a lot, Vaseline offers first aid for small cuts and bruises to heal faster. The Jelly can be used in case of any minor injury or accident to trigger fast healing.

This 100% natural jelly also offers protection against pests and insects. You can also apply along window sills especially around the cookery to keep ants away from food plates and cups to uphold hygiene. For gardeners, you can smear some jelly on a yellow plate and leave it in the garden for some time. The yellow will attract the ants and the jelly will kill all the pesky ants and bugs that make it to the plate.

Finally, Vaseline is a greasy oleaginous base therefore can be used on stuck doors and squeaking hinges as a lubricant. Vaseline is available in a good price especially in bulk and for its diverse usability.