180° Katana Paracord Wrap for the RAT Izula

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I developed a new way to wrap your RAT Izula (or any other knife with a bare handle) with paracord. This wrap has excellent texture and comfort. Remember to only twist the paracord 180° counterclockwise on one side and clockwise on the other while making sure the paracord overlaps itself. Thank you icychap for recommending the Figure 8 knot to tie off at the end!!! See icychaps knife reviews here… www.youtube.com Enjoy!!! Difficulty: Intermediate Time: 6-10 Minutes Use 5′ of any color paracord, I used two different colors, use as many as you like and be creative!!!

Special Info Link: igkt.net Paracord Prayer Beads are a quick and (relatively) easy way to achieve a line of colored knots along a length of cord. Fundamentally a row of alternating blood knots, the resulting strand of knots makes for a great necklace, a bracelet, or (as the tie’s name implies) a line of prayer beads.