360° Strider Paracord Wrap for the RAT Izula (Tsuka-Maki Ito)

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Here is a tutorial on my favorite way to wrap my RAT Izula with paracord. This wrap gives you maximum texture and comfort when using the knife. Don’t forget to stay consistent with which way you rotate the paracord. Its easiest to twist counterclockwise on both sides of the handle when wrapping the Izula. If my video wasn’t helpful then check out striderknives.com to see step by step pictures. Good luck and enjoy!!! Difficulty: Hard Time:6-8 Use 5′ of paracord to wrap the handle.

I finally cut off my 10 month old paracord bracelet. Its been a great companion but some say it smells lol. Perhaps I am used to the smell, none the less I decided to make a new one which I can take on and off. I use the serrated knife of my Leatherman Super Tool 300 to cut the paracord off my wrist safely.
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