Adjustable Paracord Wrist Lanyard

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More knotty stuff on my blog: This is an example of an adjustable wrist lanyard, using a couple of Celtic Button Knots and a Scaffold Knot, both that I’ve done videos of. I tied this lanyard last year and stuck it in a drawer, thinking no one would probably be interested in it, but digging it back out, someone may find it useful and be able modify it to their own use… I may add a tutorial for making this particular lanyard later. But for a brief description, it’s done with tying one Celtic Button Knot, making a loop, tying another Celtic Button Knot around the loop strand, then running the cord through the first Celtic Button Knot, tighten them up, and tying a Scaffold Knot(Multiple Overhand Sliding Knot) at the end of the cord to finish. It may sound a little confusing, and hard to explain, but the Celtic Button Knots are tied on opposite sides of the loop, before the cords go through the center of them… *Sorry for the low quality video, it’s a borrowed digital camera with no sound video, used since my old miniDV camera is on the fritz. *I added a photo walk-through to my blog post for making this type of lanyard, so once you’re familiar with tying the Celtic Button Knot and the Scaffold Knot, you can give it a try.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 I’ll show you how to make a sling for launching projectiles entirely from a single 25′ piece of paracord. Using a form made with a 2×4 scrap and some nails, you can make them consistently. Pocket will be large enough to throw golf ball size to tennis ball size projectiles.
Video Rating: 4 / 5