Basic Survival Kit List Update

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Basic Kit 1. Flint rod and scraper — 1 ea. 2. Butane lighters- 2ea. 3. Purification tablets — 1 ea. (Potassium permanganate, bleach, or Betadine 8 large drops per quart) 4. Signal mirror- 1ea. 5. 24 fish hooks threaded on safety pins & split shot 6. Large fish hook- 2 ea. (3.5″ x 1.5″) 7. Spool of booby-trap wire- 1 ea. 8. Sewing needles large eyed- 3 ea. & 100% nylon quilters thread 9. 50 ft. fishing line 10-12 lb. (Spider wire) 10. 50 ft. 550 Para cord 11. Whet stone or knife sharpening tool- 1 ea. (EZE-Lap) 12. Turkey roasting oven bag 13. 3-4 inch blade cross lock folder 14. Large field knife 15. Multi-tool 16. Adventure Medical Heat sheet- 1 or 2 ea. 17. Waterproof container (Otter Box, Alok Sack, etc. 18. 22 caliber target handgun (2 extra magazines , 100 rounds CCI Mini Mags, and 50 rounds subsonic) 19. Duct Tape wrapped on old key card Level II Kit The LEVEL II KIT, MEDIUM, LIFE SUPPORT. It is more commonly known as the “Hog Kit.” It is carried in a butt pack, or small 1500 cu. ruck. Many times it will be in a hydration packs accessory pouches or in the pouches of a tactical load-bearing vest (LBV). The items are an enhancement for an individual’s comfort level in the bush. 1. Insect repellent (high percentage of DEET) 2. Military field dressings 2ea. 3. Quick-Clot blood stopper 4. More 550-cord 30ft. 5. “AA” or “AAA” flashlight preferably and LED 6. Dehydrated sponges 7. 3 inch mini cable ties- 50-75 8. Peanut butter in squeeze tube or plastic jar 9

Join ITS Tactical’s Knot of the Week as we demonstrate the Strider Knife Paracord Wrap on a CountyComm EOD Breacher Bar. View the full article here:
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