Bow Drill Set with my BK2 – Paracord 550 and local unknown wood & New Tarp Review

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Basicly I think only when you can enter the jungle or your local bush with a machete and or a knife and make fire using a few simple items such as paracord and local wood that you collected and shaped in the place where you are, then you can say you actually got that skill. Mac and I have been trying several types of local wood we collected during this trip or previuos trips and testing them out either in the bush and at home. This is a footage that was taken using as dead branch that was hanging in the vines away from the damp ground and dry enough to give several embers. This is one of them. I wanted to use my BK2 to go through most of the process of crafting my fire board from cutting wood for the fire board and splindle or drill (both the same wood) plus the hard wood for the socket and the one for the bow as well as carving the notches, which worked. I found it difficult, though, to carve and shape my socket using the my BK2, so I had the extra help of a little Swiss army knife saw blade.
Video Rating: 5 / 5