Breacher Bar Paracord handle Wrap #1

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How to wrap a EOD breacher Bar with Paracord. This is part #1 of a simple wrap of handle . Where to buy a Breacher Bar: Parchute 550 Cord is available here: or follow us on TWITTER

This is part of an instructional entry done for my blog called “Tactical Macramé”, on how to make a “survival bracelet” from 550 paracord. I use a very different method for tying the Solomon bar used for the body of the bracelet that is much less tedious than the method commonly found in “how-tos”for making this bracelet. I also use a couple of knots in the construction of this project that make the bracelet more elegant and pleasing. This is a quick but effective way to mesure the proper length for a paracord bracelet.