BSB fire bracelet recharge; not how to make paracord bracelet (Cobra Weave) or Solomon Bar

Posted in Blog http Ok, I’m gonna call this creation the BSB (Best Survival Bracelet); “others are just BS” ha ha ha no offense, it just came to me LOL. This is not the official “intro and use video” for this item; thats here along with making a fire!: I create this video showing you how to “recharge” the BSB (add fresh jute and reattach scraper after a use). Obviously, this is not intended to be your primary firesteel and scraper – you won’t be doing this after every hike or camping trip I HOPE! If you like this, check out some other cool styles out there: How to Make a Paracord Bracelet (Cobra Weave) by HobbitAssasin08 How to Make a (Paracord) River Bar Bracelet by TIAT by TyingItAllTogether How to Make a Solomon Bar by TIAT by TyingItAllTogether
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