Foam Sleeping Pad w/ ties

Foam Sleeping Pad  w/ ties

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Foam Sleeping Pad with ties is an ideal sleep pad best suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or children playground. This sleeping pad gives protection from hurting elements and keeps the body away from the ground when lying on the ground. Most importantly, protects children playing on gravel ground from injuring themselves.

It is made of polyester and polyethylene materials and the common size is 24´´ by 72´´ while thickness is 3/8 inches. It has two black tie straps that mean it is easier to fold up and backpack. It is also water repellent thus keeps the body away from dampness. Since it is lightweight, it is portable and can be carried around for outdoor activities. It is self inflating thus really comfortable. And also easy to maintain, easy to clean and the dirt easily wipes off.

It can insulate your body from cold surfaces preventing heat loss to the ground especially when camping in cold areas. The pad has a 3/8 inches thickness, therefore no harm or pressure from the ground. Foam Sleeping Pad with ties is a high quality product mostly resembling those used in the military. It has so many positive reviews thus recommendable to anyone shopping for a sleeping pad. This sleeping pad will serve its purpose no matter what activity is carried out. The comfort it gives makes an outstanding product as compared to other low quality sleeping pads.