Grandma’s Pure Lye Soap

Grandma’s Pure Lye Soap

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Grandma’s Lye soap has been formulated to give optimum results and fewer effects on the user. Unlike other soaps which use many ingredients, that pose negative effects to users, grandma’s Lye soap uses only three ingredients; water, Lye and food grade. The action of Lye and food grade makes the soap have many applications in which it proves good performance. It is a product that one should always keep some for emergency usage.

The manufacture of Grandma’s Lye soap involves a process called saponification. In this process, Lye which is chemically known as sodium hydroxide is mixed with food grade fat then heated. Heating initiates a chemical process that leads to formation of soap and glycerol. The heated solution is then poured into a mould and allowed to mature for months before being used.

The maturity of grandma’s soap, presence of a combination of glycerol, soap and controlled amounts of unreacted Lye makes it very effective in skin care. Glycerol has the ability to nourish the skin and keep it moist. This is why grandma’s lye soap is recommended to someone who has dry skin. Presence of maintains its high cleaning ability while proper maturity enables it obtain cleansing properties. The cleansing ability makes it to use to clean insect bites. It reduces their effect and chances of further infection. It cleaning process is highly admired because it has no detergent residue. It leaves the skin feeling soft and very clean. It has been proven that it hides human scent for hunters.

Unlike some Lye soaps on the market, Grandma’s Lye soap proportional mixture and perfect maturity make it not cause irritations or burns to the skin. It is, a must have product for emergency skin care. Many users have recorded positive reviews and they ask for more production and distribution so that many people can benefit.