GSI Outdoors Halulite Minimalist Cookware Set

GSI Outdoors Halulite Minimalist Cookware Set

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Emergency can occur anywhere and at anytime, and in those time you don’t want to be crushed carrying all that weight around. Keeping this in mind GSI outdoors has revolutionized outdoor cooking by its ultra lightweight cook set.

It is made with the latest technologies; it features a silicone pot gripper. Using two fingers and a thumb and pinching them you can easily remove the cookware from pot. This type of gripper is different from traditional gripper and weighs very less. In weighs 0.5 oz making it ultra lightweight. The gripper also comes with built in magnets which allows you to help you with your grip. It is constructed using hard anodized Halulite alloy which ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and also speeds up the process of cooking. Halulite alloy is very lightweight, plus it also protects the surface from getting scratched and burn circles.

Its bundled accessories include a foon which can be used both as spoon and fork. Making sure you don’t have to carry extra things around, this also helps in saving weight. Featuring polyester head and acetal handle, this product is very easy and safe to use. Because it is very small, it can be easily stored anywhere. No additional space is required while storing it.

There are some alternative uses also with this cookware. Its pot can be used as mug, so you just need to warm your beverage and drink it directly. The firm design also assists you in storing your precious item which can be crushed easily otherwise. During emergencies this cookware set with packed to hilt features can be of great aid to you. Also if you are a frequent camper and love to stay outdoor, out in the open, GSI outdoors Halulite Minimalist Cookware set is for you.