Hard Candies and Gum

Hard Candies and Gum

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Some of simplest, easy-to-find food stores for emergency preparation are hard candies and various kinds of gum because they’re so inexpensive you can buy them in small packages or purchase them in bulk. Both are plentiful and available at virtually any store, pharmacy, or gas station. Hard candy and gum doesn’t take up much space in emergency preparation kits. Plus, they can be divided up between kits, stored in the dashboard of your vehicle, tackle box, first aid kit, or stashed away in pockets and back packs. Hard candies provide quick energy in an emergency situation while also keeping your hands free for other tasks. If stranded anywhere, having a good supply of hard candy on hand can keep you going until help arrives. If you find yourself in an emergency situation with a diabetic, a piece or two of hard candy can be a life saver.

Most hard candies and gums are nonperishable and store well for a long time. It’s typically safe to consume both well after their freshness date has expired. Gum can keep your mouth from drying out when there’s no easy access to water or if you find yourself having to hike for long miles.

During emergency situations, chances are your favorite desserts will not be on hand. Hard candies and gums can also serve to satisfy a sweet tooth in a pinch. Also, you may find yourself in a place where cigarettes and other forms of tobacco may be hard to come by. Regardless if you are in an emergency or not, gum and hard candy make excellent nicotine replacement therapy.

Peppermint candies & gum soothe upset stomachs and freshen breath when toothpaste isn’t immediately available. Several of both should be kept not only standing by for action in your emergency food stores, but also in your first aid kit. When gum is chewed, it can be used as an adhesive in an emergency. Hard candy and gum are so simple and every day they are very nearly overlooked but remain an essential food item in any emergency preparation kit. Make sure you have some on hand in yours.