Homemade Wooden Buck Saw – Version 2

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This is the second homemade wooden buck saw that I constructed. I used some timber I had in the garage, a chisel, Leatherman Charge ALX, and handsaw. For the frame I used mortise and tenon joints which give it alot more stability than the previous buck saw. I use the same 550 paracord and a whittled down spindle to tension the buck saw. I found that using the 550 paracord may not be the best option because it will stretch and I had to adjust the tension a couple of times during the cutting test. Once I had it to the correct tension the buck saw worked great.

Glow in the Dark / Reflective Paracord Dog Collar Double cobra stitch 550 paracord that glows in the dark and is high visibility reflective I made a dog collar out of it, but it would be great for camping or signaling. I rate the paracord quality 9/10 I rate the glow feature quality 6/10 I rate the reflective quality 10/10
Video Rating: 5 / 5