How to make a paracord bracelet

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This is a video I made on how to make a paracord bracelet. This is 550 Parachute Cord. Its the real military grade cord but you can use the cheap stuff that has like cotton or something in the middle of the nylon. The whole bracelet has about 9 feet total. It will not rot, mildew, stink, etc. If you have a questions or video requests you can send me a message and i will be glad to respond. I invented a paracord bracelet that unwraps 16ft of paracord in under 5 seconds! Its called the Millepede Survival Paracord Bracelet! Click here — to watch how to make it: HOW TO MAKE A KING COBRA BRACELET: How to make paracord bracelet (slatts rescue belt): How to make paracord bracelet with buckle: Background music: 1st song – Laser Blaster 2nd – Dark Enemy get the songs by going to