How To Make A Paracord Bracelet or Lanyard

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This is my shortened version of how to make a survival bracelet with paracord. I did so many takes on this video, I had to settle for the best one. I forgot to mention that this knot is called the “cobra” knot. You can also do a “king cobra” knot by tying the cobra knot again on top of an already finished cobra knot (this makes a bracelet of the same thickness of the ones I show at the beginning of the video). Also, I did the duo tone (OD green and black) by simply fusing two different colors together on my knot rope. You can do this by just melting the ends and then pushing the ends together quickly before they solidify. Hope this makes some kind of sense and helps if you are trying to learn how to do it!
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Hey guys, here’s a video response to 40sigsauer’s video on 550 cord bracelets. Hope it helps you guys come up with some cool new ideas! Enjoy!