How to Make Paracord Acorn Baskets by TIAT

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The Paracord Acorn Basket is the fusion of three different tying techniques, the Crown Knot, a 4-Strand Diamond Knot, and a conventional basket weaving technique. As with most construction projects the foundation is most important, so do your best to make that firm. From their on out, its over and under weaving until the basket top is locked. video production by JD of Tying It All Together.
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More knotty stuff on my blog: This short video shows how to get started with 550 paracord and a 3 peg knitting spool that I made from a wooden napkin ring and 3 nails. This just show you how to start. Follow these steps: After the initial wrapping of the nails with the paracord at the bottom of the nail, you take the working end to the next nail above the cord that’s wrapped around it, use a hook of some type to lift the lower cord up and over the top cord and the nail. Continue from one nail to the next, up and over with the bottom cord, keep pulling tight from below, not too tight, just enough tension to take up the slack. As you work, the braided paracord will come out underneath. Keep on and on until you have the length of braid you want. You can make it as a paracord lanyard, belt, hatband, bracelet, etc. To finish, remove the spool, take the working end of the cord, and run it thru each of the loops where the nails were and pull tight. If you forget to do this, the whole thing can unravel if the working end is pulled. Knot responsibly.