Maxam 20 X 20 All Purpose Blue Tarp

Maxam 20 X 20 All Purpose Blue Tarp

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The 20X20 ft all purpose tarp from Maxam brand is suitable for all outdoor activities during adventurous journeys, hunting, fishing, picnic etc. The 19 feet 3 inches x 19 feet 6 inches standard hemmed size of this tarp helps you to store essentials like plantation tools, pots, cover small articles to keep them safe from water contact.

The product is made of waterproofing material to keep the stored items free from water or mildew contact. The special silver coated exterior surface of the tarp provides UV resistant protection when camping in scorching summer. The large 20X20 ft size is convenient for using as a boat and large tent cover, protect RVs, etc. The average thickness of the tarp offers shade and protection during the afternoon. The tarp weighs about 5 pounds, making it convenient to carry during hectic journeys. When folded, the tarp occupies very less space making it reliable to carry during camping and sporting adventures.

The thick lamination on the interior and exterior of the tarp helps to keep the products from dirt contact. Use this tarp in the garage or store rooms with ease to keep the products free from dust and damages. It is washable and leak proof that perfectly suits long term usage. The sturdy material of the tarp offers great durability without rotting problems.

The strong reinforced rope hemming keeps the binding durable and compact. Therefore, it can be used to gather water from streams, wells, ponds etc. There are holes on the edges of the tarp. These holes can be tied to a rope for hanging. The robust and tear resistant quality of this tarp is of much use to trap animals inside when hunting. The tarp material is tested and recommended for using in different weather conditions. The product offers safe storage, ensuring the perfect condition of the goods. It can be used in varied temperatures with utmost convenience.