Murad Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30

Murad Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30

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Sunblock creams no longer just blocks the UV rays from the sun and protect your skin from sunburns; they now claim to benefit damaged skin, sensitivity and ageing. As the melanomas are on the rise the importance of these creams is more than ever. Although, most people have their favorite sunblock cream, but usually they make their choice based on the scent and ignore the fact that creams also serve the purpose of treating and protecting their skin.

Murad Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30 is one cream that not only provides protection from the harmful sun rays, but also slows down development of wrinkles. However, the advantages of using this cream go beyond these features and to truly understand them you must know its various qualities.

This cream contains Murad’s patented Skin Repair System, which is a strengthening formula that prevents and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. This system boosts the collagen production that helps in protecting the elasticity of the skin, thereby maintaining skin’s firmness and supple texture.

The sunblock is made from natural extracts, which ensures that your skin absorbs all the nutrients easily. Plant lipids and hyaluronic acid present in this cream optimize your skin’s moisture barrier, keeping the complexion comfortably moisturized throughout the day. Use of natural extracts also ensures that this cream is suitable for all skin types. Thus, there is no scope for any side effect because its natural ingredients can protect and treat the skin, but will never harm it.

It also contains pomegranate antioxidant and sunscreens that protect you from UVA and UVB damage. Additionally, this cream neutralizes free radicals, thus preserving your skin’s health by maintaining its texture, balance and tone.

This instant action cream is waterproof and ensures that your skin gets complete protection and cares both in and out of the water. Therefore, Murad Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30 not just provides protection from the harmful sun rays with its powerful, full-spectrum protection, but also slows down development of wrinkles. This cream is ideal for active lifestyles and all skin types.