Paracordist making paracord Army Ranger Pace Counter Bead / Adjustable Kabar Knife Lanyard

Posted in Blog Http A multi-use/multi-functional piece of gear – knife lanyard & land nav aid This project started out with a request to make a ranger pacing bead set that could be attached to a kabar knife. In the end, I went to the drawing board to come up with a re-configuration of my original side by side ranger pacing beads combined with my “PSK” style lanyard that can be used on any knife/hatchet. This multi-use/multi-functional item allows for pace counting for land navigation as well as knife/hatchet retention for safety. This is essentiall the marriage of two of my most original creations! In this video I show how to attach it to my Kabar. See my other video for a breakdown of the knots used in this lanyard. For a typical knife, I’d do the loop 3.5-4″ so it can be attached with a girth hitch through the lanyard hole.