Platinum Tactical Survival Bracelet Demo

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Platinum Tactical shares his method of making a “survivor” wilderness bracelet. This can be used for many tasks when cord is needed. Shown video is with 550 paracord. A few uses include lashing sticks/limbs together for shelter, lashing knife to stick for a spear, rappelling, raising or lowering gear, tourniquet, tent guy wire, animal snares, etc, etc. The inside stands (7) are finer/thinner, and could be used for fishing, sewing, stitching, floss, etc, etc. One can never have enough paracord. Comes in a variety or sizes and colors. I have made the bracelets in desert tan, multi-cam, woodlands cam, black, and olive drab. They can be made with a buckle, or a loop and knot. You can stop the wrapping shorter than a bracelet length for a key fob, knife lanyard, zipper pull, or many uses that will keep cord nearby at all times for virtually endless uses and situations. I have made them in sizes down to 2mm.
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