A toothbrush has to be among the most common tools that almost each and every bathroom has. It is also among the most important tools that no one can go on a long trip without. That makes knowing how to use a toothbrush to get yourself out of a sticky situation or even make life that much easier for you in an emergency can be very important. While typically this would be used for hygiene every after eating, it can be very handy in some other settings.

For instance getting mud off from muddy shoes and being able to clean them down to the nooks and crannies can be quite complex. Using a brush on the sensitive material of your boots can be too harsh that it may ruin the shoes and a rug will not honestly get the job done. However, a tooth brush is ideally placed to be able to do both jobs without ruining the material of the shoes and at the same time fetching those mud particles from the tiniest places possible thanks to the tiny bristles. This makes the tooth brush ideal for removing mud from shoes and restoring their former glory.

You can also use the same tool to apply a dye to the shoe or even shoe polish as may be need. All you have to do is make sure that you have enough time. This is because even if a toothbrush is ideal at this, it is smaller in size and as such it is only able to cover a significantly smaller area at any one time.

However, it still does get the job done very well and comprehensively not to mention that in the event that you don’t have the proper brush, it does offer you the ideal partner even on short notice more so because you’re more likely to be carrying a tooth brush to wherever you’re going.


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