SABRE RED Police Strength Pepper Spray

SABRE RED Police Strength Pepper Spray

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Pepper spray is a product that can be very effective when it comes to offering you self defense from either fellow human beings or animals. Dogs and even other wild animals have very sensitive senses when it comes to smell and sight, pepper spray has now maximized on this feature to in order to make a product that can protect you from these animals. This is why pepper spray is rich in Oleoresin Capsicam which is an active ingredient that affects animals scaring them away thus keeping you safe. This ingredient mainly causes burning and huge pain when it comes into contact with skin, mucous membranes or even eyes. Its effects are however not permanent meaning they will be effective immediately when applied but after like 30 minutes these effects start to wear off.

There are a number of different types of pepper sprays but mainly are four types.

  1. Pepper Spray Stream, this sprayer has a big force when letting out the spray and could cover even 20 feet. This big force also means that the spray cannot flow back to you and it is rarely affected by wind.
  2. Pepper Spray Fogger, these are very effective but not in windy environments because their fine droplets could flow back to you. They also cover just 9 feet unlike the streamer spray.
  3. Pepper Spray Foam, these let out foam that could cover 8 feet and usually coat attackers or animal faces giving you time to get away. They are mostly effective for use in indoors or from close range.
  4. Pepper Spray Gel, this one just like the Foam is most effective for indoors but could also cover 25 feet under some conditions.

Pepper sprays have therefore proved how effective they can be when protecting you and you should therefore get yourself one, carrying it well around you because it is also light and always replacing and maintaining it to ensure it does not expire or become faulty without your knowledge.