SAM Splint (Assorted Sizes)

SAM Splint (Assorted Sizes)

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The SAM splint, for those who are not so conversant with it, is a device whose construction uses ancient principle that states curves are strong. The same physics that engineers use to build sky scrapers and build bridges on hollow columns is the same one that the SAM Splint uses. Any piece of metal sheet that is flat tends to bend easily. However, if you mold the flat sheet of metal onto a curved structure, then it turns out to very rigid and firm. SAM splint however requires only three major curves to be very strong and firm.

SAM Splint is not only firm, but it is also moldable and soft such that one can cut through it with scissors. This product can be used on all bones in the body even the neck.

SAM splint has several features and benefits that attract many people to it. For starters, it is compact and light weight, it is reusable, it is waterproof, radiolucent, latex free, and very stable. In addition, it is not affected by altitude or even temperatures.

Given the many variation of treatments it offers for orthopedic emergencies, many people such as ski patrols, veterinarians, boaters, safety engineers, military medics, EMS personnel and outdoor adventurers can make use of it.

Given its uses, features and benefits, you should have this device in your first aid kit for emergencies.