Scott 1000 Bath Tissue

Scott 1000 Bath Tissue

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Scott 1000 bath tissue has been around since 1890, it has evolved from making paper to making tissue paper. It has been providing quality tissue paper for a long while. It comes with 1000 septic safe sheets that are long lasting and perfect for use. It is one ply and unscented making it stronger, rougher and long lasting. It is very useful as it breaks down and dissolves easily in water which makes it perfect for use in septic tanks, and toilets. It doesn’t have fragrances and it environmentally friendly made from recycled material

It has absorbent properties which are useful for wiping sweat from your hands and face when you have been involved in extraneous physical exercises like mountain climbing, hiking or bike riding. With its soft texture it can be used to wipe your face without fear of it scratching or hurting you. This is extremely beneficial if you have soft and sensitive skin. Due to its nonabrasive nature it can be used on children as well. It is easily disposable making it a perfect addition to your kit when you are involved in outdoor activities.

It has been properly made and can be used to wipe surfaces for a clean finish. With its firm one ply composition and mixed with some water it can be used to clean dirty surfaces like counters and tables.

In case of injuries the tissues can used to wipe blood away from injured areas. It doesn’t leave fibres on the hurt areas leading to further complications. It is used to apply liquid solvents like Dettol alcohol to clean the wounds.

Lastly the tissue can be used as a seat cover when you are in a dirty place and you would like to sit down. You can put the tissues on the dirty surfaces and sit on it. This will keep you from getting dirt on your clothes and you don’t have to worry about germs or infections.