SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F09N-CP Hand Axe Straight Edge

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F09N-CP Hand Axe Straight Edge

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For people going on hunting and camping trips, one of the must have tool is the specialty knife tool that comes in the form of F09N-CP Hand Axe with a straight edge and a 2.4 inch steel blade. This handy tool actually acts as a multipurpose tool as it can be used for a variety of applications including butchering hunted animals, digging for water and also to safeguard the hunter from the sudden attacks of wild animals in the open forests.

Major Features of F09N-CP Hand Axe with Straight Edge

1. This handy outdoor hunting tool is made out of 420 grade Stainless steel with a coating of black-oxide along the edges of the blade to prevent the edges from rusting or corroding

2. This hand axe comes with a useful G10 handle that provides a no-slip firm grip to the users holding it. The grip gets further enhanced by the presence of contours and textures made in the G10 handle

3. The hand axe weighs 18.6 ounces and has an overall length of 11.1cm

4. It comes with a nylon sheath that acts as a protective cover for the hand axe blade.

Benefits provided by this handy Axe

1.Though it appears smaller in size from the outside, the blade edges are extremely sharp and can be used for a variety of applications including wood cutting and butchering of animals

2. It can be used for cutting and butchering applications pertaining to military, industrial and law enforcement activities

3. This hatchet is a perfect tool for use in different conditions including building a shelter, clearing an obstruction that has actually blocked the path way and cutting firewood

4.This hatchet is sturdy and durable for its small size and performs equally well as a camping tool for cutting wood

5. The hatchet is light in weight and can be easily carried during hunting and camping trips

with such benefits provided by this handy and sharp hatchet, outdoor enthusiasts also get the added benefits of a life time warranty. Any defects, minor or major can be rectified quickly and if the issue becomes complex, one can get the blade or the handle replaced at any point during the life span of the hatchet.