Paracordist’s monkeys fist paracord self defense lanyard – vs. gallon jug of water

Posted in Blog http Before you laugh too hard at my reaction in the video, I never did this to a water jug nor did I practice before; this was the first time I ever hit one and had no Idea what to expect – the water explosion took be by surprise LOL. We have a big family with kids and cousins, all younger. Often at birthdays, the pinata goes unbroken – thats when uncle Kevin comes in to let rip with my monkey’s fist pinata finisher. Its a 1-1/2″...

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Paracordist’s firesteel handle – paracord two strand diamond knot

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http:/// This is a how to for tying the two strand diamond knot for use as a handle / lanyard loop for a firesteel and magnesium rod on my firsteel and tinder neck kits Video Rating: 5 / 5 Special Audio Link: The Wedge Paracord Fob is neat way to add a little something extra to an otherwise dull key ring. Forming a unique wedge shape, unlike most other ties, The Wedge could also be used to hold a door open, angle a keyboard...

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