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It is often important to be prepared for the worst case situation, even though these usually are far from happening. A good practice to have is to plan ahead for whatever could possibly go wrong and occur that would throw you off during an outing such as camping or hiking. Something that is vital to have prepared is an emergency kit that includes all the essentials that would keep a person safe and help guide them to a place of refuge. A compass is a key to directionality.

A compass can one day save a hiker or campers life. It is general hiking and camping practice to always have a compass that is either battery powered or an original compass that uses the Earth’s magnetic field to direct. No one ever plans to get lost or turned around, that is why it is vital to stay prepared just in case it happens. With a compass tucked away in a back pocket it is easily accessible should you need to find the right direction from which you came.

When starting out in the sport of hiking it would be a good idea to begin a hike by looking at the compass to know which direction you started heading, so that if you do get lost or turned around you can pull out the compass and be able to simply backtrack in the general direction of safety. Finding your way back to safety would be almost an impossible task without a compass to guide you in a direction. Guessing at which direction seems or feels right would most likely just get someone even more lost and turned around, putting them in a potentially even more dangerous situation.

A compass is a simple yet effective tool that is both useful in everyday use for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. It is also an essential part of an emergency kit to help in tracking where you came from and how to get back to a safe place. This small tool can one day save your life and keep you out of harm’s way in an emergency situation.