Whistles are manufactured for use by anyone who may be camping. Even if you have kids in the camping group, it is advisable to tie an emergency whistle around their necks as they can scare any animal that scares them when they blow the whistles. These whistles are easy to use and produce a high pitched sound that is sufficient to scare away any wild animal. They come with other additional features such as the compass that makes it easy for you to navigate through the woods. Using the whistle also makes it easy for you to gather to your camping station if you had dispersed to different places. The whistles are designed to be waterproof, all weather to maintain their efficiency as some have match compartments, and are used on rainy and cold places. They are small, compact and lightweight that makes it easy to carry them in pockets and other easy to access areas. Spotting a lost member of your group is also easy as the direction of the loud whistle sound can be easily followed. Always make sure that every member of your camping group carries a whistle when going out for emergency purposes. These whistles are real gifts as they are available at a pocket friendly price and yet remains a must have equipment for those who are camping.


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