Insect Repellant




Though most people sleep in the comfort of their homes, well protected, there are occasions when some people have to sleep outside the house for a number of reasons. Homeless people often do not have a choice, while others may have to sleep outdoors while travelling for business or on holiday, or while trekking outdoors. While it is possible to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house by blocking all access points, it remains difficult to prevent mosquito bites outside the home. Some relatively simple ways to avoid mosquitoes when sleeping when camping, avoid dryness of skin are provided, which can be conveniently implemented.

Probably the simplest and most widely used way to prevent mosquito bites is by using one of the many mosquito repellants available. These are usually available in the form of creams or ointments which can be applied to the skin and are usually packed in tubes. The mosquito repellant cream will be applied to the surface of the skin which is not covered by the apparel worn by the camper. The ointment takes effect almost immediately, but may evaporate after some time, depending on the ingredients used for the pest repellent. In such cases the insect repellant may have to be reapplied after a few hours.


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