Pocket Warmers




There are several types of warmers in the market designed for various purposes. Hand warmers, pocket warmers and body warmers are all made to keep you warm. Warmers are mostly used by people who love outdoor activities like camping skiing and hiking. They are used together with insulated clothing to increase temperature thus keeping you warm.

Some pocket warmers have the ability to last 30 minutes while others can retain heat for 24 hours depending on the source and type of heat. There are several sources of heat for warmers that include; air activated supersaturated solution, lighter fuel, battery and charcoal.

Other than just keeping you warm pocket warmers can be used for other purposes. You can make you wet boots dry overnight by placing a pocket warmer inside them. Other wet gear can also be dried using a pocket warmer. While out camping or hiking a pocket warmer can be efficiently used to keep your beverage hot and prevent your bottle from freezing when it is extremely cold.

The pocket warmer can also be placed in a sleeping bag; this will help to keep your sleeping bag warm and comfortable. Pocket warmers can also be used to as a first aid item to save lives by preventing and treating hypothermia. Pocket warmers can also be used to relieve pain from foot inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis as well as preventing insomnia and stress. Warmers can also be used to soothe muscular or joint pains.

One advantage of these pocket warmers is that they are very portable and can be moved round with ease and can fit well in a bag. The sealed warmers can be used over and over without any risk but the air-activated warmers do contain chemicals that may be dangerous if exposed so extreme care is to be taken to prevent tear or leakage.


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