Pocket Knife




When it comes to hunting, camping or even fishing, a pocket knife comes in handy. This is one item you do not want to miss in your emergency kit. Most people assume that using knife is a natural skill, an inborn trait, but in real sense, it takes days of practice to be able to use this knife professionally. Pocket knives have been used for hundreds of years for defense against wild animals, hunting when camping, for emergency purposes and many more.

When you go hunting in the wild, you need a knife that is dependable. A pocket knife is such a knife. Apart from the fact that it is portable, it is also a quality assurance that you will be safe whenever you are in the wild. This knife will help protect you from the dangers in the wild. For instance, when you are in the wild, the outdoors is beautiful and you will feel the urge of taking a walk or even going anywhere. Here you need protection from wild animals and creatures that roam the forest. You will also need protection against wild plants like those that have thorns. A pocket knife comes in handy during such incidences.

Sometimes you have taken down an animal and you need a knife to gut it. When you have gone fishing and you want to clean it, a knife is again used for this exercise. It can be frustrating if you use another object for this activity.

Accidents are always bound to happen, and this is no exception while camping. There are times you will need a knife to get yourself out of a hairy situation. When you are out in the forest, your legs might get trapped in a vine and you will need the knife to set yourself free by cutting the vine. Another physical emergency that the knife comes in handy is when constructing the tents. The pocket knife will help in shaping the figs and sticks used in constructing the tents. A pocket knife will also be helpful in designing traps for wild animals. A pocket knife will also be very helpful when you get pricked by a poisonous plant or bitten by a poisonous wild animal.

There many other uses of pocket knife that are not mentioned here. Therefore, it is important that when you are planning a camp trip take some time and learn skills on how to use the pocket knife for optimum performance.


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