550 Parachute Cord



A multifunctional nylon cord, the 550 Parachute cord is a must-have for anyone who needs to put together an emergency preparedness kit. The strength of this cord contributes significantly to its versatile uses, and this is attributed to its seven cords. Each of the cords constitutes interwoven strands that are wrapped up in a nylon enclosure. So strong is this cord, that you would need 550 pounds to break it, hence the name 550 Parachute Cord. The numerous functions of this cord can be traced back to the structure of the cord where it is easily separated, making it easy use the tiny fibers within.

Many unexpected things can happen when you are in the outdoors, making it imperative to be well prepared. If, for example, your shoe string snaps in the middle of your expedition, simply improvise with the Parachute cord. The strands make for a sturdy shoe lace or boot lace to last you through your adventures. The Cord is also important in the outdoors as it’s alternative use for fishing makes it a great addition to an emergency preparedness kit. If you are in the outdoors and have forgotten to carry your fishing line with you, the 550 Paracord will come in handy. Simply take the inner strands and create a fishing line. While at it, you may also want to create a wrap for your hunting knife to get a firm grip.

In addition, the Parachute Cord is an excellent way to support your tent when creating a shelter in the wild. Its strength makes it ideal to use for emergency knots as is the case with torn tents that require fixing. In case there is need for additional strength, braiding the cord is the way to go. In any survival kit, the availability of the 550 Parachute Cord makes it ideal for use as a lifeline for the simple reason that it can well support an adult’s weight. A fundamental part of emergency preparedness goes to getting the right items in your kit, and the 550 Parachute Cord is one such item.




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