Stun Gun

Stun Gun

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Stun guns are weapons of temporary incapacitation of the aggressor, be it human or animal. This type of defense renders the aggressor temporarily incapacitated. They don’t inflict long term harm to the aggressor. There is quite a wide range of stun guns, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most popular are the Taser Stun Gun, the standard handheld stun gun and the liquid stun gun.

Stun Guns are carried by millions of soldiers, policemen and even ordinary citizens for personal defense. For ordinary citizens who love camping, wild animals can be a menace. With these guns, you can effectively defend yourself and others and save lives. They can be very useful against wild animals during camping.

How The Stun Gun Works:
They temporarily render the adversary unconscious. Several factors affect their effectiveness. These are how long you hold it on the aggressor’s body, the size and aggressiveness of the aggressor and the model of the stun gun. The stun gun functions by disrupting the nervous communication system of the adversary. It generates low-amperage, high voltage electrical charge. The pressure is high but the intensity, at 3 milliamps, is low enough not to damage the aggressors system.

The effects can be twofold. First, the combination of the gun’s charge with the brains electrical signals creates confusion in the nervous communication network. The effect will be partially paralysis of the aggressor. Secondly, it generates a pulse frequency equivalent to the body’s own electrical charge. The frequency triggers the muscles to react very violently fast to deplete the aggressor’s energy reserves in the shortest time possible. This leaves him too weak to make any useful movement and thus, overpowered.

Therefore, if you are planning to go camping, you can factor a stun gun as a vital defensive equipment, to protect yourself without killing any dangerous animal, hence preserving nature.