Paracord Jig




Anyone who can follow basic instructions should have little trouble following them to create all sorts of wonderful things using paracord. There can be little doubt that this is, at least in part, the reason for the explosion in this craft. On the other hand, if there is a difficulty in making paracord projects, it’s the task of making sure that whatever you are making, whether it be a bracelet, lanyard, or practically anything else, is made to the correct measurement, and without some method of making sure your project is long or short enough to do the job, your efforts will be largely wasted.

With a paracord jig, not only do you have a ready method of keeping an eye on the size of your project, but if it is constructed the way it should be, it will hold the end of your project securely while you are tying the working end. Further, many paracord jigs are constructed to allow several paracord projects to be made simultaneously. Simply stated, a jig will make paracord project easier to make.

Paracord jigs come in a wide variety of types that will help you accomplish virtually any sized project. Most jigs not only have a connection at one end of the device to hold the clip securely, but running along the side or on the base of the jig there is a ruler that will give you the precise length of your project any time you want it, therefore giving you an accurate measurement to compare how the project stands to what the finished length is that you need. Paracord jigs not only come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, but prices as well.


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